6 Ways Your Iphone can Save your life

6 Ways Your Iphone can Save your life

6 Ways Your Iphone can Save your life

Most people definitely use some of the iPhone’s best features, like drawing on photos or activating Siri. But you’re most likely not using your phone’s life-saving aspects. For example, you can store emergency medical information on your iPhone and anyone can access it — even if your phone is locked. Ahead, check out some of the tips you should start using ASAP in case of an emergency.

1.Set up your medical ID.

To do this, head to the Health app. Go to the medical ID tab and enter in your information. Wary of entering too much? Enter at least your allergies and emergency contact, and anyone can access it from your locked screen.

2.Activate the Find Friends app.

Use the Find Friends app to share your location with friends and family. You can set it to share for an hour, end of day, or indefinitely. It’s perfect for heading home late or just to make sure someone knows you get home safe.

3.Use the Find My iPhone app.

The Find My iPhone app is useful for two reasons: to find a lost cell phone and to locate anyone. Once you turn it on, a trusted friend or family member can log on to your iCloud and locate where your phone is. It’s a good idea to have on, just in case.

4.Download offline maps of cities and places.

Don’t get lost in new or unfamiliar areas by downloading offline maps on Google. Open up the Google Maps app and just type in the area you want to save. At the bottom, tap on the section that states the city or location. You should see a download button, and with one tap, it’ll save to your phone.

5.Set up “Hey Siri.”

Available only on the iPhone 6S and newer, you can set up “Hey Siri” to work without pressing the home button. This can be useful to quickly send a text to someone with your voice or call someone with just the sound of your voice.

6.Turn on LED Flash Alerts.

Head to Settings > General > Accessibility to turn on LED Flash Alerts. Your phone will emit a bright flash whenever someone texts you or another alert comes through. Another good idea is to turn this on late at night or in any situation that you may not feel safe in.


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